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What I learned in 2019 and what 2020 holds…

How much I loved 2019…

2019 was one of the highlights of my career. I adored every wedding we had, and we had some that challenged every part of my being and my team; and lots that gave us so much joy! Let’s focus on the highlights of planning, designing, and coordinating every wedding we had this year. Its a big accomplishment to me, because I truly love designing a wedding. I adore taking my clients wants, styles, and personality; and turning into a visually stunning gift on their wedding day. Part of my design aesthetic is incorporating materials beyond tablecloths, flowers, and food. I love creating and building wood aspects, tile table tops, and more. If you have viewed me on Instagram you know I love a Lowe’s trip! 2019 let me run free with my designs. My custom designs went from small to super sized last year, and I can’t tell you how much wood I used. For a few weddings I got very lucky with a father of the bride and a groom willing to construct my crazy ideas! My team thought a few times I had lost my mind, but when it was all set-up it was worth it. Thank you to all my 2019 client who let me do what I do best, and trust me with their wedding designs.

Photography by Suzy Collins
Flowers by Sassafras
Chairs and Rentals by Luma Designs

One significant lesson I learned in 2019 was how valuable a wedding team is; not just a now and again helper, but a team. I now have hired 3 girls (Sarah, Erin, and Teddy) who work with me regularly on wedding days, and wedding day prep. I can’t imagine doing a wedding without them. They make the behind the scenes work so much easier and allows me to focus more on moments with my clients. They have taught me the proper and effective way to prep for a wedding day (don’t do it by yourself); and have forced me to get even more organized in the office. I love that my fellow vendors have come to love the girls and consider them part of every wedding.

Our 3 basic rules:
1. We don’t do ugly weddings
2. Sugar coating belongs on cakes
3. if we can’t buy it we build it

What 2020 holds…

My 2020 year gives me hope for more amazing adventures for Live Laugh Love Weddings. Of course Me and the team will be creating amazing weddings, and working with wonderful clients. You will see our work at some of our favorite venues: Kincaid House, Dara’s Garden, RT Lodge, as well as some private homes. I hope to continue working with Marblegate Farms, Mill & Mine; Cherokee Country Club, Holston Hills Country Club, Church Street United Methodist Church and more as well. I know we will cherish all the vendor relationships we have with caterers, photographers, florists, rentals, and everyone who puts their heart and sweat into our clients’ events. We also hope to offer more to more clients and vendors.

Photography by Traci Ancelet

Now there is Lefty Designs. I have found a love for custom creations, including signs, table top items, and some woodwork. Lefty Designs grew from the artist side of me wanting to create ideas that aren’t mass produced, that can go on to live in my clients’ lives and homes after their wedding. I have produced tabletop planter box centerpieces, wood herringbone accents, various seating charts, Tufted fabric centerpieces (see below), tile chargers for custom designed place settings, and more! I found many clients love the custom designed and built items, and many more asking for signs. Thanks to my very good friends at The Happy Envelope and Katherine Michalik, I also discovered a love for lettering. I have even provided signs to many wedding vendors including: The Spindle Tree, Southern Belle Beauty, Marblegate Farms, and many on display at Samuel Franklin Florist. I offer custom signs for weddings, businesses, everyday home decor, and of course Christmas! I am excited to keep building this side of my business, and making weddings even more amazing! Please note Lefty Designs, like me, go big or go home. So these designs are designed to make an impact. Our lettering is not for wedding invitations. If you are interested feel free to contact me thru our current website and reference Lefty Designs.

Photography by Danielle Evans
Rentals by All Occasion Party Rentals
Location: Marblegate Farms

Happy 2020 to all, and we can’t wait to see what this year holds for us! For inquiries please visit us here, and schedule a coffee date!

*We are welcoming to all cultures, religions, and genders,

New Hours: Working Mom

Working Mom
I am a working mom

Having my hobby and passions rolled into a productive business is a dream come true. I am able to spend time with my kids, and teach them how I built this business and how “mommy” provides for them and contributes financially to their lives. My kids have watched me sand weird looking pieces of wood, help build and paint tables, and they especially loved watching me calligraphy the words “Krispy Kreme” 4 ft. tall! My son will soon be the perfect chair liner upper, and my daughter will be the perfect wedding commander. Although they can’t understand all the details mommy does to make a wedding happen, they know I work hard at it.

They are truly lucky to get to have a mom who can juggle work, schools, and our life. I am truly lucky to have a husband who supports my business, and can provide stability for our family. While working “from home” is wonderful, there are tough times. This past year has been a learning experience for me and my family as it is the first year we have had a child in full time public schools. There were lots of wonderful memories, but also my kids had to make sacrifices that I didn’t want them to. My meeting schedule took a toll on my kids, my husband, and me. Mommy guilt struck too many times, and leaving screaming kids was worse.

Tomorrow, August 5th, starts the new school year for my children, and so a new schedule will start for my whole family including my business. Moments like picking up my kids up from school, or tucking them into bed won’t be jeopardized or sacrificed. Below you will find my new meeting schedule. This schedule is for when I can take meetings with clients, vendors, etc. I will also go ahead and notify that I will not be taking on any events for the December 2019, and I am booked for May 2020.

I look forward to making amazing weddings come to life this fall and into 2020, plus watching my kids grow!

Mondays and Wednedays: 9:30am-1:00pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 9:30am-2:00pm/ 5pm-7:30pm

Fridays & Saturdays are for making weddings come to life

Sundays are for rest and mental health

Wedding Planner 101

Wedding coordinating is the number one service I am asked about. It is also the service most underestimated. The average cost of a wedding coordinator in Knoxville is $800-$1500.  It might seem expensive, but do you know what a wedding coordinator does?

Every wedding day I wake up, cook myself eggs benedict with homemade hollandaise, watch a few morning shows, fix my hair & make-up, put on a nice strapless dress and fabulous heels and arrive at 5pm for a 6pm wedding….Then I wake up from my dream!

Coordinating a wedding takes the most endurance, patience, thinking, and physical work I have ever done! An average wedding day for me is about 12-15 hours (yes, that is just the wedding day). These hours do not include the time I have taken to review contracts, follow up with vendors in finalizing orders, visit the venue, scheduling deliveries to make sure the rentals arrive before the flowers, the venue is open for the rentals to arrive, and the bride & groom aren’t being billed for any extra time to name a just a few items.

The responsibility of a wedding coordinator is huge. We must know what is happening at all times, what is about to happen, and what should happen in the next hour. We are constantly running schedules through our minds to ensure every detail will happen the way you, the client, wishes it to happen. We anticipate your requests before you ask, and rapidly make your wishes come true on the spot. We know every detail for every vendor every minute of the wedding day. On the wedding day most of us just do what needs to get done for the day to be fantastic. Some unexpected things I have done for weddings:

Escorted screaming flower girls down the aisle

Stuck my hands in a wedding cake as it was falling

Rearranged a bridal bouquet

Handled a guest getting bit by a copperhead snake

Directed a rehearsal with 31 people processing down the aisle

Worked one wedding day stretching 8am-3am (not including the 14 hours of set-up the day before)

Actual wedding crashers having to be escorted out 3 different times, once by police

A venue serving a full bar, and not the contracted just wine & beer (by me catching the mistake the bride & groom got a full bar free of charge).

A groom getting in a fender bender with the father of the bride’s vintage porsche

Having to find a taxi to pick-up a guest with a heart condition

This is only a glimpse into what I do for my brides.

The cost of a wedding coordinator may seem high at first, but the value is priceless. A mother of the bride said it best, “You spend $800 on a DJ, $2500 on flowers, $25 per guest on catering, $3000 on the wedding location, and another $2500 on photography, so why wouldn’t you invest top dollar for someone to oversee your investment for your wedding?”

Never underestimate a wedding coordinator!

New Beginnings

2014 seems to be just around the corner, and I can’t explain how excited I am for the new year and new weddings! 2012 and 2013 have been years that have done nothing but turned my life upside down. 2012 was a year that tested my family month after month. Every month we were given new challenges to the point where we were fearful for anyone close to us, as our bad luck started to spread to our closest friends. As my mom said on New Year’s Eve “I have never been a fan of the #13, but I have decided # 12 is the worst!” Our family gladly welcomed 2013, and with it I got the most adventurous year yet, pregnancy! I adore my son and do not regret one moment of my pregnancy, but what a challenge! In all categories of pregnancy I was in the minority in every way (the list is endless)! I gave birth at the height of wedding season to a adorable son. Becoming a mom is amazing, and an adventure each day. 

Because of the birth of my son I chose to take off the fall season. I want to enjoy these times with my son, and have some time to concentrate on getting Live Laugh Love Weddings better for the new year. I love my clients, but like many, some of the to dos I want to get done for my business keep getting pushed to the bottom of my list. Clients have always come first, as it should be. I truly enjoy my job and do not wish to give it up! I believe 2014 will be a fantastic year! All the new plans will be ready by fall for all to enjoy. You will recognize us, but hopefully just in a better light! 

I want to hear from you, please Like Live Laugh Love Weddings on Facebook, and tell us what you want us to create or what you want in your planner/coordinator!


Wedding Gift Controversy

Wedding Gift Controversy

Have you heard about the huffington post bride? Recently a bride went on social media complaining of a wedding guests’ gift of $100. The bride stated the gift was insignificant, and did not cover the $200 cost of dinner (per plate) the bride paid for the guest at her wedding. What are your thoughts? Nancy Barger and I went on WBIR to talk about the topic! Read the full story at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/02/wedding-gift_n_3535780.html

Changes in the year to come

It has been a long while since I posted on my blog. For the last 10 months I have been preparing for a new adventure, parenthood. I can now say I survived my unique pregnancy, and am loving every day on my son. I love being a mom, but also still adore my wedding work. I took a light load this year so I can properly readjust to being a mom, but also create some fantastic weddings. I will be improving my business to assist brides in creating their amazing wedding day. I look forward to the changes and improvements that will come to Live Laugh Love Weddings, but promise to still deliver the same (if not better) great service Live Laugh Love Weddings has always provided.  Thanks and I look forward to sharing all the goodies with you!