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Create & Covid

Raise your hand if you are ready for life after Covid-19?

This pandemic has taken its toll on this heavily extrovert woman. My events have been postponed for the year, far less meetings, not seeing colleagues & clients on any regular basis. My world has been downsized. To say the least, I am ready to break out of this life! I am a creative, eager, impatient, have to have every detail as it is in my head kind of person. For my family’s and mine own saving grace…

Power Tools + Creatvity = this mom’s sanity.

My office took an organizational turn, when my son decided he needed a desk under his new loft bed. “

Sure, honey, you can take mom’s desk that is only used for storage!”

So my office became stacks of storage boxes, stacks of client folders, baskets filled with random cords, and usb drives. This is not helping my covid-19 sanity problem! To top it off , children were constantly stealing my grand pair of scissors (we all have THAT pair), my stapler, and my roll of tape. THAT’S IT-MAKEOVER TIME!

So I looked around, and started with a list of what I needed in plain sight everyday:

  1. Essential Working Tools; Paintbrush, can openers, business cards, reading glasses, cotton twine, essential scissors, and small ribbon scissors.
  2. Basic details for each of my clients: Names, Dates, locations, descriptive words, inspirational photos, list of vendors.
  3. Simplistic storage: Storage boxes, calligraphy paper, office supplies, full client folders, branding & styling items, books, etc.

I am a visual person. If it doesn’t please the eye, it doesn’t please the brain. So not only does my office need to be functional, but also, an environment I feel inspired by. I started my research…PINTEREST!

Yes, I am a creative that still searched for hours on Pinterest. I needed an idea, of where to start. My office is the size of a nice closet, and I have alot which has to fit. Every inch was needed for storage. Most obvious was under my work table. This space had become a dumping ground for everything in my work life: extra tiles, extra wood, cake stands (stacked 5 high), tool boxes, folded fabric, and no real order.

Project #1: 3 shelf bookcase into rolling storage. Yep, its that simple! I purchased a 3 shelf bookcase from Target, flipped it on its back, attached caster wheels, and took all the shelves out (I’m sure I’ll use them for later).

In went the things I always need for branding. Fabric in my brand colors (navy, lots and lots of NAVY!). Wedding favor examples, back up cake cutting set, sparkler bin, gift card baskets, fake gift boxes, styled out pattern plates & utensils. These are items that whether I go to a styled shoot, a bridal expo, or an open house, I have these items ready to be on display for my brand.

Wow that felt good, let’s tackle something more difficult.

Project #2: A Command Center.

Most families have a wall where a calendar with schedules, places for reminders, bills, coupons, grocery lists are kept. Its what I call a visual brain on the wall. I needed something with the same purpose, but different. I needed a command center for my everyday, important items.

Huh, I still have those wood pieces from that wedding…..

I have had this pile of herringbone wood pieces in my office for almost 2 years. I created them from 700 2″ x 6″ plywood pieces for wedding table decor. After the wedding, the bride didn’t have a use for them, so I gladly took these babies home. I knew I could use them in the future, so under my desk they went and sat, and sat, and gathered some dust, now they have seen the sun!

Finch Photo- http://finchphoto.com/

So here I go…. Measure the space, start arranging and gluing wood pieces together, Then layout the tools I need and look for the most important items…

  1. The scissors,
  2. Ribbon/Detail scissors
  3. Cotton Twine
  4. Paint & Stain Can openers
  5. Business Cards
  6. Paint brush
  7. Staining brush
  8. Mixing spoon
  9. Reading Glasses

Once my wood herringbone pieces were glued together, I was arranging & placing items. I wanted it to look like a collection of my brand, so I added some dipped paint lids I had extra, and scrap pieces of fabric. Every item had a place, I could find these items easily everyday, I could see if my kids had taken them, and It looked like I was ready to work every moment of the day.

I drilled some neutral screws 1/2 the depth of the wood pieces, and started hanging my items. Bought some vintage clips from Hobby Lobby for my business cards ( I need to find them, but need to refill my pocket stash regularly). Perfect!

Now, what else do I need to remember, or keep track up everyday?

Cards! I want to be better at the thank you, thinking of you, your are the best, thanks for saving my butt cards! My clients deserve this, my colleagues deserve it too! Plus a visual cue for reordering is a bonus! Now what do I have for this?? A cutting board + fabric= perfect!

Took an old cutting board we never used, stained & sealed it. Folded some fabric and secured it to the back. Install a utility hook in the wall- and


Now for the mail. My business mail is always piled in the everyday mailbox of my family. I need open house invites, client contracts, thank you notes, etc. to come directly to me, and a place to keep track of it all. Now a simple rack would be fine, but we are trying to keep some sanity in this house and discover new things! I had seen a fabric sling made for children’s books, why not a sling for mail!

I took out some scrap wooden dowels, a small scrap piece of wood, drilled, glued, and had the frame. Now for the fabric! I can saw, paint, construct, but NO SEWING for this woman. My kind mother-in-law stepped in and sewed a sleeve of fabric. I put it all together….

I added a fun, laughing photo of my family to remind me everyday, through every meeting, and every event, that I am doing all this for them!

So that took some time! Maybe something simpler is next:

Project #3: Paperwork!

I have stashes and stashes of calligraphy paper, linen printing paper, photo mattes, etc. that I tend to use for lettering projects. They orignally were stored on these 3 shelves taking an entire wall!

There was no organization, but they were just stashed up there. It was really a holding place for these pieces. I can do better!

I found this new idea on Pinterest using leather straps. Remember I mentioned all of my events were postponed, I’m on a budget. What was strong, and could be hold up to long term wear & tear? I noticed the cotton woven strap of my mommy purse. If you don’t know, the strongest strap in the world is on a mommy purse!

That would work ….Oh and look Hobby Lobby sells it by the yard in NAVY!!! I got 3 feet and a wooden circle. I wrapped one end around the wooden circle, and sewed. Pulled the strap tight, and wrapped the other end over the same hoop circle and sewed. In the end I had 2 navy cotton woven straps hanging from a wooden circle. I started slowly carefully sliding in the paper and mattes. It worked! The tension of the paper and the straps held everything in place. I immediately created another! Some screws in the wall and….

3 shelves downsized to 2 hanging storage pieces

So excited to see 3 shelves worth of supplies downsized to 2 hanging pieces, and for only $7!!! Keep this momentum up!

Next was client files. Now I can’t keep every piece of paper of each of my clients displayed on the wall. My wall isn’t strong enough for that! I did need to keep specific key notes on the wall for quick reference, kinda like cliff notes for my clients!

I knew I would be changing these details out, as clients hired more vendors or changed their minds. So, I used 3M command wall clips. Measured it out, and placed those on the wall, along with another cutting board made to hold brochures and topped it off with a dry erase To-Do board (thank you Target Dollar Section) Thanks to canva.com, I designed each client’s notes with photos, key words, and it made a beautiful display!

Project #4: Storage!

This was going to be big. This project was going to take some time. I needed to get this mess simplified & streamlined…

It was just simple-I had to build my own storage shelving unit. So I took some measurements,

6 ft. long-how long the wall is it was going against

42″ height because I didn’t want it too tall covering my home’s staircase, and I wanted to be able to reach pages off my printer without a stepstool

About 16″ deep: That was the deepest and biggest box I needed to fit on this unit.

I lined up all the storage boxes, file boxes, office supplies, client files, everything to know what height each shelf needed to be. Like I said, I am determined to make everything look exactly like what’s in my mind.

Then my lovely scientific minded husband came up with a plan of how to build it using lumber I already had on hand! Perfect! We started with those good ole herringbone wood pieces (yes, I had more than enough!)

Lined them up, and secured them to support/brace boards. We trimmed off the staggered edges with a circular saw, painted the legs white, and attached the shelving! Did I mention it was a long project? It seems so short and sweet but it wasn’t.

Once it was built I had to organize and style. I cleaned out every single box (@TheHome Edit would be proud).

Edited down every single thing. Then reorganized every box to make sense and have a purpose. Then I took my time selecting where each box would be stored.

One day at 1pm I thought it was perfect. Then another day at 11am I reorganized and thought that was perfect. Then another day at 2pm, I reorganized thought that was perfect-yes it was perfect! Finally my eye was pleased therefore my brain was pleased.

I tried out the placement of everything for about 2 weeks. It worked! It worked and looked beautiful. I printed my labels stuck them on every box, sat back and admired my hard work!

The office came together just like I wanted and within an amazing budget (alot of items I had on hand and it only cost me $40)

It was beautiful, simple, and functional. My table space was finally cleared for the first time in months, every piece had a place, and I was content.

So what did I do? I started designing my new projects….here’s a sneak peek but more coming later!

Wedding Designs Brought to Life

I am a wedding designer, and proud of it. In fact it is my true passion in this world of wedding planning. I adore the puzzle of linens, centerpieces, furniture, colors, and floor plans that makes a wedding come to life. I am known for having a vision, or a directed path when designing a wedding, but I am always tweaking, researching, experimenting to really make the design as perfect as it can be. The opportunity for me to attend a lecture by my wedding designer/planner icon, Tara Geurard, came about. I don’t think I could have jumped in my car faster on the day of the lecture. Still, it was one of the best days of my career, and for many reasons. The main reason that this day, this lecture was the best is because it ignited inspiration in me.

Before Pinterest there was imagination in creating wedding designs. There was creativity in deciding the centerpieces and place cards. Since Pinterest my wedding world had become a world of “replicate this lanterns, with this greenery, and these favors.” Personalization was falling away and replication was taking its place.  After listening to Tara, and hearing about her creative process, I was asking myself “why am I letting Pinterest dictate my talent? Why shouldn’t I let Pinterest turn off my creativity and imagination?” So away I went to sketch, build, and spray paint. In a matter of just 24 hours I had 5 designs in my head. Over the next 5 months I tweaked, twisted, defined, and edited these designs. on August 22, 2017 I saw them finally come to life.

On August 22nd a bandwagon of vendors came together, and made my wedding designs, my ideas come to life. Now it wasn’t easy, and it came with challenges, but in the end I was proud of all the work and effort. I was extremely proud and thankful for my family and friends who sweated and paid a physical price for me and my creativity. I could not have done all this with out you! I couldn’t have asked for better colleagues who joined in, and gladly tried to make the design in my head come to life. Many times I was asked “do you have a photo of this idea, or a point of reference?” I would smile and simply say “nope, its in my head!”

I’m not a simply designer, I’m not a cookie cutter planner. I am a “go big or go home” person. So, I was determined to produce all 5 designs, photograph them, and break it all down in one day. Thanks to the Kincaid House in Clinton, TN and its coordinator Melissa Charles, we were able to do it! The Kincaid House’s  property allowed me to set-up all the designs in different areas but still in the same location.

Here is just a taste of the different designs. I will blog about each individual one later. There is too much to say about each design. The designs were created from a love of home improvement; the life of broke newlyweds; the infatuation of the blush color; the hospitality and trends of southern women; the celebration of family; and the styles of bold classic fashion.



Bill Waldorf Photography


Thank you to JoPhoto, Bill Waldorf, And Katherine Birkbeck for their gorgeous photography! Thank you to All Occasion Party Rentals for your generosity in supplying with a huge order! Especially Cindy for organizing my crazy rental list on a weekly/daily basis. Thank you to Bradford Catering for making wonderful food, and going with my crazy ideas! The list goes on and on including: Unique Settings of Knoxville, The Happy Envelope, White Lace and Promises, Regal Tuxedos, Southern Sirens, all the models: Adaira, Hannah, and Katryn, 


I want to especially thank Samuel Franklin Florist. Sam and his staff have been an amazing team to work with. Sam is my go to, see it through, no idea is too crazy guy. He has been such a support thru my whole career, and continues to be my main man. Sherri and his crew go above and beyond any of my requests. They were out in the heat helping set-up chairs, moving props, and doing anything I asked of them. I can’t say thank you enough to Sam and his amazing crew!

If you are interested in more about this photo shoot; more wedding design; how your wedding can be personalized, or how we can help you in anyway with your wedding event go over to livelaughloveweddings.com. I would be happy to your wedding memorable to you and to your guests!

Imagine Pinterest

“Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination. Take a look and you’ll see into your imagination.”

-Willy Wonka

I find myself staring at a wall or table, and wondering “There must be something I could do with that.” I reach for a tech device, click my Pinterest button, and get lost in a world where wooden pallets become chairs, chairs become night stands, and a night stand becomes  a kitchen. It is a world that can stretch, deepen, and enhance your imaginative mind; or it can be a world that consumes you and you lose your own imagination.

As a wedding designer it is my job to take a person’s style, interests, ideas and make them into an environment that reflects one of the most important days in their life, a wedding. When I started as a wedding designer there was no Pinterest. You flipped through magazines or watched reality TV to find the latest trends. Big trends beginning in NYC or LA didn’t reach little Knoxville til 2 years later. It always fun to design for bridal shows. You could make your booth/display completely out of your imagination, and get brides to think “huh! Thats different.” It could be purple, yellow, all black or all white. It was always exciting to see what people would dream up. Now we have pinterest to filter to us the latest trends, and we get them as quick as we can. The pantone color of the year” greenery, the latest dress style: grace kelley/lace;  the trend of weddings; copper. It is all at your fingertips, no imagination required. Weddings seem to be more about replicating a photo, and less about expressing personality.

Now don’t get me wrong. I who hold a Bachelor’s in Art find myself searching Pinterest many times a day for various projects. I too have lost a since of imagination. My goal now is to awaken my old imagination. I urge you to do the same. Find the latest trends and ideas, and apply them to your wedding. Just remember you are not like everyone else, you want your wedding to be special, set apart. Use Pinterest as a taking off point. So, copper is the latest trend, how you use it is key. Are you a bride who serves a cocktail  in a moscow mule mug, or are you a bride with a sweet tooth who will fill it with krispy kreme bread pudding? Are you a spreadsheet type person who will use copper geometric lanterns for centerpeices; or will you be adventurous and copper spray paint your grandmothers teapot as a memory to her.

I urge you to use Pinterest, and discover a world of imagination. I also urge you to deepen your imagination and go one step further than Pinterest. The world of weddings can be endless, it is important not to lose you and your imagination in such a giant world.

Pinterest Wedding Trends

Wedding Imagination

bright pops of yellow wedding


PINK Bridal Show January 2017

Sunday started yet another year for me planning and designing weddings. I kicked off my 8th year at the PINK bridal show. It was exciting, yet calming. I enjoy talking to new brides. I love pitching ideas making people think outside the box and our booth design did just that. Samuel Franklin Florist and I partnered up for the show, and created a spectacular booth filled with gold flatware, and lots of white! We felt the brides and everyone loved every detail, and we didn’t skimp on those! Plates filled with stacked pancakes, a full dessert bar in the back with polished gold goblets. Some mothers of the bride even had eyes for the comfy white leather lounge seating. I love creating and displaying a booth of original design. I take into account some trends, but go with what I feel brides what to see, and what is realistic for most. Brides what to see what can be created within the resources available, but also see ideas of how to make their wedding theirs. I cooked every pancake in the booth, polished each gold goblet, and custom covered each pillow. I hope you enjoyed it. My favorite comment was from a lady who stood in front of our booth, pondered, then said “yep, you win!”

Chairs, tables, fabric backdrop, tableware. lounge furniture provided by All Occasion Party Rentals

navy and white cake by Heather Grubb of Knox Provisions

All flowers by Samuel Franklin Florist


PINK bridal show Knoxville January 2017 Live Laugh Love Weddings  with Samuel Franklin Florist All Occasion Party Rentals Knox Provision Catering The Pink Bride


brunch wedding ideas; a little but of everything

PINK bridal show Knoxville January 2017; Samuel Franklin Florist; Live Laugh Love Weddings

Cake and gold drinkware




Unique Guest Book Ideas

Guests books at a wedding are great for preserving memories of all the family and friends that were there to celebrate with you and your husband on your special day, but they don’t all have to be the like traditional satin covered books-yours can be as unique as you are.

Nature Lover

If you and your fiancé have a love of the great outdoors, you could have your guests sign a canoe paddle as your guest book; instead of storing it in a closet, hang it on the wall or above a door of your home. A tree stump could also make a lovely conversation piece; you could use a plate stand to display it for years to come.


Do you and your future husband enjoy playing board games? You could buy  your favorite, like Jenga, and have each of your guests write a small note a game piece. You could also make a personalized jigsaw puzzle and have everyone sign the back. A double sided frame would allow you to show off your puzzle and allow you to see the signatures without covering them up.

Book- Worm

Do you enjoy getting lost in a good book? Have your guests put pen to paper and leave you messages in the pages of your favorite novel or use a dictionary and ask your friends and family to circle words that will help remind you of your special day.

Globe Trotter

Is there a place that’s special to you or your fiancé, maybe the place you met, or where he popped the question? Find a state or city map and add a note to have your guests write their wedding wishes for you. If you’re having a destination wedding, you could find an atlas or a travel coffee book, of where the ceremony is being held and use that for everyone to autograph.


Do you or your fiancé play an instrument, or are you part of a band? Consider using an inexpensive copy of your instrument to let your guests leave their mark on. Another option is to find a favorite Vinyl LP or album cover and use a metallic pen to sign.

One of a Kind

If you’re wanting to have a truly unique guest book find a special print or picture,  and ask your guests to add their thumbprints to the canvas; Etsy has many fabulous designs for you to choose from.

Bridal Shows | What to Expect

If you’ve just started planning your wedding, are newly engaged, or if you’re in the final stages of planning, Bridal shows can be an excellent place to find all of your needs for your big day. Going to bridal shows can be better than picking up stacks of wedding magazines or spending hours on Pinterst, because it allow you to see current wedding trends in person and meet the killer vendors in our area.  Bridal shows have everything you would possibly need for your wedding day- from D.Js, to invitations and photographers, right down to the silverware and napkins. It’s also a great place to bag freebies!

Bridal shows can be stressful, crowded, and overly stimulating, but it is still worth it to go; if crowds really aren’t you’re think consider getting there when the doors open or go later in the afternoon when things should be winding down. Bridal shows are like an awesome right of passage, just like getting engaged, you never will forget your first one.

  • Wear a good walking shoes- you’ll probably be at the bridal show a good 3-5 hours, and you’ll be doing a lot of walking. You don’t want to have to leave the bridal show early because your feet hurt or because you have blisters. Forgo those cute peek-a-boo pumps for your gym shoes; your feet will thank you later.
  • Research what vendors are going to be at the Bridal show, and visit the websites of the company hosting the event; it’ll give you a concrete idea on what to expect and who to keep an eye out for.  There are many ways that vendors can advertise their business, having a booth at a bridal show is one way they can invest in, so don’t expect to see the best of the best at every show, but it will still give you a pretty good idea on what’s out there.
  • If you don’t already have one set, have a few wedding dates in mind when you visit with vendors; even if you just have it narrowed down to “sometime in June of next year”, is helpful.  Keep in mind some vendors may already be booked for that specific date if you do have one.
  •  Eat before you come to the show, but try not to come overly stuffed, remember to leave some room for cake; lots and lots of cake.  Bakeries and caterers most often will have free small samples for you to try while you’re there.
  • Bring a few members of your bridal party with you, but let your honey to decide if he wants to come or not. Most bridal shows do have special things for your man, like tux fashions, so if you’re hubby-to-be is honestly interested in going you should take this opportunity to introduce him to all things wedding, but don’t be upset if he tells you he’d rather watch ESPN then brave the bridal shows. Take your girls, have fun, and enjoy being a bride.
  • Do you have any reusable totes in your car? Bring two bags to put all those bridal brochures in. Use one for vendors that you are seriously interested in, and use another for ones that you’re not so crazy about, that way when you go home you won’t spend hours sorting through brochures. Slip in a small notepad and a pen so you can make a note of the vendors you liked the best.
  • Most importantly: pace yourself. Some Bridal shows have as much as 20 to 100 booths, take some time to talk to vendors if there’s one your interested in , ask them questions, like how long have they been in the wedding industry, or if you can see a portfolio of previous weddings they’ve worked on.

If you live in the Knoxville area, you have several exciting Bridal show opportunities coming in the next few months:

The Pink Bridal Show– August 19th, Knoxville Convention Center- tickets are $10 and can be bought at the door or online. This is one of the top bridal shows in our region, and will feature a bridal fashion show for the whole wedding party.

29:11 Event Studios– September 30th, Knoxville Zoo- 29:11 Event Studios is having a blow out bridal show, information is coming but this is definitely one you will not want to miss.

10 Tips for Keeping your Wedding Guests Happy

With wedding season in full swing, many brides forget an important element of the big day: the guests. While the day of the wedding is considered the “Bride’s day”, some thought should be placed on who is going to be there to celebrate with you. A good host should make the comfort of the guests a priority, and not the last thing on the list. Here are a few tips on how to make your wedding a celebration everyone will enjoy:

10 Tips for Keeping your Wedding Guests Happy

1. Wedding invitations should include a map with clear detailed instructions of where the ceremony and reception site is. You should always be aware of unsafe areas your guests should avoid. If the ceremony and the reception is at the same location, have a cocktail hour where guests can mingle while pictures are being taken.

 2. Guests invited to the ceremony should be invited to the reception, and vice versa. There is an exception to this: if you’re wanting to have a small intimate ceremony, it is acceptable to only invite close family and friends, and then invite a larger group to the reception. Also, if you’re having a destination wedding, you could choose to only invite a few family members and close friends and have a larger celebration later.

 3. Single guests should be allowed to bring a friend with them to the wedding- if the budget permits. If you have a larger or open wedding budget, you should give your friends the option to bring someone with them. If you have a stricter budget try to have single guests sit at a table with people you know they’ll get along with. Like for instance, if you have a sweet aunt Francis whose an expert at making people feel welcomed, that would be the perfect place to put a few of your single co-workers.

4. If you are having an evening wedding, you should feed your guests an actual meal. Serving just finger foods and appetizers are okay for a morning or an early afternoon wedding, but it’s suggested for a late afternoon or evening wedding, that guests should be served something a little heavier. If you’re working with a smaller budget there are some options. Treat your guests to a dessert bar; serve a variety of cupcakes, cake pops, and other pastries. If you’re still wanting to have an evening wedding, have your caterer serve a small plate option, or a simple buffet.

5. Think about your younger guests too: have a grab bag with coloring books and crayons available for the kids invited. You can save money by printing coloring pages online.  A wedding is good when everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves.

6. Consider the comfort of your guests with an outdoor wedding. In the warmer months, if you’re not doing tents make sure that there is plenty of shade or provide guests with a way of keeping cool and sunburn free; have a basket with sunscreen and provide bottled water. In cooler weather, provide your guests with outdoor heaters or quilts. Guests should be kept content in all types of weather.

7. Space Reception tables further apart. When you’re arranging tables for a reception, make sure there is ample space for guests to move around. Not providing enough room between tables leaves guests tripping over chairs, tables, draping tablecloths, or other guests. For the ceremony, if your wedding is outdoors or at a location where you have to provide seating, request that the aisles are wide enough for at least two to three guests to easily move around at the same time.

8. Some of your guests might require special meals. If you’re having a plated meal or buffet, have an option available for your guests who are vegan or vegetarian. Also consider having a gluten-free or egg-free option for your guests that have allergies.

9. Put thought into your wedding favors. Your wedding favors should somehow reflect the over-all feel of your wedding. If you’re having an eco-friendly wedding or a garden wedding, think about providing guests with a special seed packet with a favorite flower or vegetable. Guests love creativity and it shows that you took the time to think of them. Etsy.com is a great site to go to for original wedding favor ideas. If your budget doesn’t permit favors, take time to thank all of your guests for coming; a simple “thank you” would be more than enough.

10. Bathroom baskets are good for those things you can’t control. A guests spilt wine on her dress, another guest has a bad headache, someone else had a little too much fun on the dance floor and tore their shirt. No problem! Provide both the men and women’s rest rooms with a courtesy bathroom basket. Walk down the travel toiletry isle at Walmart or Target and pick up sample sizes of these items:

  • Chapstick
  • Lint Roller
  • Shout Wipes
  • Gum
  • Deodorant
  • a Nail File
  • Mouth-wash
  • Eye drops
  • a Hair brush or comb
  • Hair ties
  • Band-aids
  • Tampons and Panty-liners
  • Moleskin
  • Tide-to-Go Stick
  •  Hand Lotion
  • Mouthwash
  • Floss
  • Hair spray
  • Bobby pins
  • Safety Pins

One more for good measure:

11. Out-of-town guests should get extra attention. For your out-of-town guests, and for those guests arriving by plane give them the option of having a shuttle or a transportation service to take them to their hotel and later to the wedding location. Leave a “Welcome Basket” in their hotel rooms with a thank you letter from you and your fiancé (especially if your guests had to travel long distance to celebrate with you), you should also provide a list of restaurants and fun things to do while in town that you and your fiancé enjoy. Snacks, bottled water, a local map, and fruit are also good to include. For a special touch, if you’re having a wedding in Knoxville, find specific products that are made in Tennessee; include Moonpies or Goo-goo Clusters.